Who will get a millions of George Michael?

Кому достанутся миллионы Джорджа Майкла?
For the inheritance of the singer is expected to fierce battle.

George Michael


George Michael, who suddenly
died December 25 at his home in the British town of Goring-on-Thames,
located in County, in Oxfordshire, left, as it turned out, the enormous
state. It is estimated at least 105 million pounds. And
it is not surprising if we take into consideration that during his career has sold
more than 100 million copies of recordings of the singer. Besides, he’s good
earned on the performances “live”. So, just for the fact that he sang at the party of a millionaire
Philip green in 2007, he was paid half a million pounds. However, because
the will Michael has not yet been found, it is not clear who will get
the state of George. This was reported by the newspaper the mirror.co.uk.

The problem is that the 53-year-old Michael has never been married
and children had neither. So his inheritance, apparently, will
to claim the two sisters of the singer — Melani and Yioda. But in addition to them, George was left
several godchildren. Among them there are his two nephew — sons of Andros
cousin Michael, and two children of a friend, George, is a British actor and musician Martin Kemp.

Among the most valuable
property singer — his house in Oxfordshire, which stopped his heart: the mansion is valued at about £ 8 million. Worth a lot and the estate
in North London, which is owned by singer — about 2, 5 million. And the house located
near the beach in Los Angeles — even more expensive: около3. 5 million. Great value and a great collection
modern art collected by Michael
among the exhibits there are works of Banksy and Damien Hirst. Only one
the installation, created by Hearst, George purchased at auction in 2006, is
no less than 3. 5 million.