«Синяя птица»: Ростислав за 7 лет сменил 6 баянов и копит на новый

All the winners will spend prize on new tools.

Million rubles for three and guardianship of Denis Matsuev are awards the three winners of the project. During the competition, the pianist invited these guys to play in your jazz project. Two of them (Mudritsky and Tyurin) thanks Matsuev go to a music festival in Paris.

Talk about these young Virtuosi, a skill which will be envied by adult professional musicians.

Rostislav Mudritsky, 12 years old, accordionist, Moscow

«Синяя птица»: Ростислав за 7 лет сменил 6 баянов и копит на новыйPhoto: vk.com Rostislav Medicago

In the final it was hard, I left at 5am, and by 5 in the morning returned home. On the eve of the unwell, have a cold, but I’m not on the wind play in my main tool. Now I have a old tool, 16 years old, my dream is to buy a new Bayan in Italy, save money on it. Your first fee earned in 8 years – I got paid 500 euros for the contest the accordion in Europe. I then bought them school uniforms. While I have no steady income, whatever you get, spend on the tools and study. Over the years, replaced 6 employees. My grandparents – teachers, Bayan and accordion, I began teaching 5 years. Now engaged in many hours of the day. With my schedule a tour to learn in a regular school is difficult, so switched to home schooling. And like football, singing, writing and read poetry. I was born in Primorsky Krai, but now I live in Moscow. We moved in with family (I have two brothers and a sister) when I was 6 years old. Parents wanted to develop my abilities.

Katya Filimonova, 10 years old, the shock, the village of Stepnoye in Saratov region

«Синяя птица»: Ростислав за 7 лет сменил 6 баянов и копит на новыйPhoto: vk.com Catherine filimonovoy

— When a casting, did not believe and was not thinking about winning. Wanted to see Moscow to perform on the big stage to hear a lot of people all over the country! Was really excited to be on TV. Wanted to prove that girls can play drums are not worse than boys. I was sick the whole village! About winning first told the grandmother, called her that night she didn’t sleep, worried, and when I did, I cried. My dream is to buy an electronic drum kit for practicing at home, now it will come true and I will play even better! And the remaining money will be given to the grandmother – she so cares about me. And I want to live and study in Moscow and become a famous drummer. Why I chose the drums? Anyway, 6 years old, I was dancing in a circle at the house of culture. And two years ago was walking home from rehearsal and I heard a band playing another mug, looked into the class, I was asked to take sticks, I tried, and I liked it. Dancing I gave up, but most of the time now is drums. Through the year the teacher of my mug Alexey insisted that I went to study at music school, piano class, so should know how musical notation. Go to music school in a day, rest of the time doing on the installation for 2 hours, and before tenders for 4-5 hours. In normal school time to study on “perfectly”. In his free time chatting with friends, love to do crafts and to sew.

Sophia Tyurina, 9 years old, saxophonist, Balakovo Saratov region

Photo: vk.com Sony Tyurina

In the final I wasn’t worried, because I used to be. I have a few years playing in several orchestras: “virtuosos of Moscow” under Vladimir Spivakov, in the Moscow jazz orchestra of Igor Butman, Balakovo, the Saratov Symphony, and others. All I ask is: why saxophone? As a child, my mother went to concerts, watched on TV, the Internet, and wanted to play the saxophone. With 5 years study in music school. Due to the fact that often are the usual go to school twice a week, study at home with mom. Still sing, play the piano, violin and guitar, go swimming and dancing. Performance at the Bluebird was a highlight in my life as the victory at the competition “the Nutcracker”. The next day we went with mom to the store to choose a new sax, which will spend the prize money. My idols – Margarita Shaposhnikov and Igor Butman.