Stars “House-2” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko went to the altar

Звезды «Дома-2» Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко отправились к алтарю The contestants and winners of the “Wedding million” register their relationship. Despite some differences that were with Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko, they were able to maintain relations and to organise the wedding.

      Звезды «Дома-2» Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко отправились к алтарю

      The development of relations of participants of the popular project “Dom-2” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko was watched by many viewers of the reality show. Finally, to the delight of all fans of the couple, the lovers get married.

      “Only a little bit,” wrote Ella in microblog during the last preparations for the celebration. Fans have rushed to congratulate Ella and Igor important day of their lives.

      “Very nice couple. Huge happiness to you too!” “Ella, congratulations! Let this day be the brightest and unforgettable in your life”, “Congratulations! A long life together! Much love and all the best!”, – wrote fans.
      Звезды «Дома-2» Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко отправились к алтарю

      Lovers long started preparing for the big day in their lives. Ella and Igor have the wedding cake, the groom’s suit and dress to the bride, and also staged a romantic photo session before the wedding.

      “It appears, choose the suit for the wedding no better than Ella’s wedding dress: the combination of colors, buttons, cut, a million nuances. The search continues,” said Tregubenko in the microblog.

      The event will take place in one of the famous restaurants in Moscow where not so long ago there was a magnificent celebration of the former participant “Houses-2” Nelly Ermolaeva. Nelly Ermolaeva staged lavish wedding: live report from the celebration

      Звезды «Дома-2» Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко отправились к алтарю

      In late winter, Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko won the competition “Wedding in a million”. For the right to throw a big wedding on a considerable amount of money has fought a lot of couples. Among them were those who have been together, and even those who have only recently started to build a relationship. As a result, the final three couples competed, among which was Sukhanova and Tregubenko. Despite the fact that Ella and Igor at the beginning of the contest broke up because of conflicts that broke out because of different views on life, it did not prevent their participation. But working through the various tests, as expected, was able to get a pair of old feelings and finally to reconcile young people.

      During the competition, the jury was struck by the fact that Igor alone was able to sew a wedding dress for your favorite. He came up with an unusual design, has thought about every detail to make his fiancee look amazing. Also surprised by how touching Tregubenko confessed his love to his sweetheart. A brilliant passage of each category of the competition provided the pair the win and the coveted million rubles.

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