Яна Рудковская считает супруга сверхчеловеком The star said that he admires the strength and determination of her husband. According to her, Eugene thinks to return to the sport, but still forecast to build early, as everything will depend on his health. In March, Plushenko underwent the fifteenth surgery on the spine.

      Яна Рудковская считает супруга сверхчеловеком

      Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko is considered one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show-business. The couple have always supported each other, and in their family there is complete understanding. More than nine years of Jan and Eugene are happy together and are raising three sons Sasha and her children from a previous marriage.

      Rudkovskaya had publicly admitted her husband in love. Recently, Plushenko underwent another surgery on the spine. At such a difficult time Ian was around. To the Olympic champion has recovered much faster, the couple had gone on holiday in a hot country, to Cuba and Brazil. According to Rudkovskaya, Plushenko will try to return to figure skating, but it’s hard to say whether this will be crowned the attempt was a success.

      “This is an incredibly difficult task. Besides Zhenya, nobody in the modern history of figure skating did not win medals in four Olympics, and then the fifth Olympic games! This needs to be overcome superhuman task, to not just go and stand there on the podium. He is the Superman. Therefore, to make any predictions I do not. But Jack can sometimes work miracles. To be honest, I always believed in his return. Especially for Sochi. It is not a question, whether will return the husband to the sport or not. More likely to ask: “if health can he do it?”, – said Jan.
      Яна Рудковская считает супруга сверхчеловеком

      After the skater had the fifteenth operation associated with a hernia in the cervical spine, he wore a corset and almost couldn’t sleep. But he did it in may and is already out on the ice to continue training. While any predictions about the performances at the Championships he’s not building, but carefully prepares for participation in competitions.

      Rudkovskaya is proud of her husband, his strength and desire to overcome any obstacles. Producer says Eugene know in almost every country of the world. “My husband is a legend, he has four Olympic medals from the only in figure skating. He tries to hide, of course. Wears glasses and pulls the hat, but still his white hair and eye-catching nose and a great champion. I am pleased that so many people love him”, – said Jan in an interview Prozvezd.info. During married life of the famous blonde had learned not to be jealous husband to women who want to be photographed with him or ask for an autograph.

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