Star: what is stored in the phone Anfisa Chekhova

Звезда на связи: что хранится в телефоне Анфисы Чеховой “StarHit” looked in the gadget presenter. Asses, tattoos and “Pizza” – a small part of what we found there. A celebrity showed a correspondence with her husband and explained why he wants to abandon the mobile device at a time.

      Звезда на связи: что хранится в телефоне Анфисы Чеховой

      For anybody not a secret that Anfisa Chekhova is an active user of social networks – the TV presenter regularly shares details of everyday life in his microblog. Fans of the stars used to see her very different to the perfect Macapa and styling, and without a gram of cosmetics. But “StarHit” managed to see a little more. We see how Naomi deals with correspondence, calls her beloved husband and what pictures they are sending.

      Provided Chekhova the chat screenshot you can see that her choice quite recently shared their impressions of the trip to the tattoo artist. The man did not hide that pain.

      “My husband 24 hours a day. Here Guram tells how he stuffed my first tattoo,” he commented on reports the star.

      Звезда на связи: что хранится в телефоне Анфисы Чеховой

      As it turned out, Chekhov expects soon to withdraw from the mobile phone. Despite the fact that at the moment Anfisa not imagine life without him, she still believes that she will be able to exercise willpower.

      “I’m addicted to phone people – I get calls for work I need to respond promptly to a call. To turn off the gadget for a couple of hours in rare cases – for example, if I spend time with my son or husband. However, soon I plan to set a record! For the holidays I’ll try to abandon the blessings of civilization in the form of a mobile. Let’s see if I can do this…”

      At the disposal of “StarHit” were also screenshots of correspondence with TV presenter girlfriend Anastasia Tsvetaeva. The women tried to arrange a meeting and discussed where they will intersect.

      Звезда на связи: что хранится в телефоне Анфисы Чеховой

      Phone stars are also stored recently downloaded songs various artists that sunk in her soul. For example, you notice that attention Chekhova was attracted by the song “Romance” group “Pizza”, Ain’t no sunshine from Maysa and “Lights” Lok Dog.