In a wrecked Tu-154 plane was flying musicians and journalists

В потерпевшем крушение самолете Ту-154 летели музыканты и журналисты Liner disappeared from radar after taking off from Adler. The Board belonging to the Ministry of defence, after refueling at the southern airport of Russia, was sent to Syria. According to some reports, the plane was carrying the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble, a few journalists and famous doctor Liza.

    В потерпевшем крушение самолете Ту-154 летели музыканты и журналисты

    A terrible tragedy occurred in the early morning of December 25. Immediately after departure from the airport Adler from the radar screen disappeared, the plane Tu-154 belonging to the Ministry of defence.

    The ship was heading to Syria to the base Hamim. To this moment, confirmed the worst fears – the plane crashed. Presumably, the ship fell into the Black sea. According to the data lead of the media, the wreckage of landing gear was discovered a mile from the shore in Sochi.

    According to the defence Ministry, on Board the Tu-154 was 91 person – 83 passengers and 8 crew members. How did you learn the media, the plane was flying not only the military, among the passengers were the famous artists of military Alexandrov ensemble and members of the press covering events in Syria. In addition, on Board the crashed airliner could be Elizaveta Glinka, known by everyone as Dr. Lisa. A woman known for her humanitarian work, going to Syria. About his plans, she said at a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    В потерпевшем крушение самолете Ту-154 летели музыканты и журналисты“It is very difficult to see the sick, wounded and dead children of Donbass and Syria. It is difficult to change the usual image of city girl in the life “of 900 days during the war”, which is now killing innocent people, — said the Doctor Lisa. Tomorrow I’m flying to Donetsk. From there to Syria. Like dozens of other volunteers who are engaged in humanitarian activities, we are never sure that we will return home alive. Because war is hell on Earth. And I know what you say”.

    Reportedly, the phone Elizabeth Glinka is currently unavailable.

    But still no evidence that the doctor really was in the crashed plane, no. Friends, acquaintances and just people who knew Elizabeth Glinka hope that she will soon be in touch. They believe in the best and on the page of Dr Lisa on Facebook asking her to respond. “Just let you off the phone. And you just are unable to fly”, “I pray that you are not there …on that plane… Even you,” “Please respond, please be alive,” – such comments put indifferent to the fate of Dr. Lisa people.

    Meanwhile become eminent names of people flying in the crashed ship. TASS with reference to the First channel reported that on Board the Tu-154 plane that crashed in the Black sea, were three employees of the TV channel: correspondent Dmitry Rankov, cinematographer Vadim Denisov and sound engineer Alexander Saidov. And the plane was carrying three employees of the TV channel “Star”.

    Now their work started the staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia. They are studying documents and interviewing people, preparing the Tu-154 for takeoff.