Звезды жестко осудили игру российской сборной по футболу на Евро-2016 Fans disappointed with team’s performance at the European Championships in France. By most accounts, the players did not show itself in games. After this game coach Leonid Slutsky wrote a letter of resignation. Users of social networks think that losing more the fault of the players, not the coach.

      Звезды жестко осудили игру российской сборной по футболу на Евро-2016

      The Russian team championship of Europe on football did not meet with success. On Monday, Russia lost to Wales with the score 3:0, thus, were eliminated from further competition. The performance of players so disappointed fans who watched every match of the championship, in social networks began live discussions about the game athletes. Discussion the Internet has fueled the resignation of the coach of Russia, Leonid Slutsky.

      The coach of the players called the team’s performance at the tournament “inglorious” and apologized to fans for the poor result. Immediately after the failed match press conference it became known that the Slutsky intends to resign.

      “I want to apologize to the fans for the performance we showed. They do not deserve the level that we have shown. Very sorry that we fell short of its hopes and so ignominiously leaving the Euro. Take the blame. After this tournament, you want another tried to prepare the team for crucial to the development of football in the country starts. Please focus on the coaching shortcomings, not the actions of individual players. Tried to show the maximum ability, but, unfortunately, my level was not enough,” said Slutsky.
      Звезды жестко осудили игру российской сборной по футболу на Евро-2016

      Many Internet users believe that the players are not sufficiently proved himself in the championship, although participation in these games earns them thousands of dollars.

      Representatives of political circles preferred not to speak about the results of the performance of the Russian team for Euro-2016″. Dmitry Peskov said that he would not comment on the game team, but clearly gave to understand that he has something to say.

      “I was impressed by not what they have lost. They couldn’t win with this team. They showed the worst result, which can be in any competition”, – said Gennady Zyuganov.

      The only player who apologized to Russian fans, was the defender Vasily Berezutsky.

      “The question is, what is necessary to raise the youth to change their approach to football. Today all of the case, we lost to Wales in all respects. We have no stars. Must have something to do with Russian football. We were preparing for attacking football, but that did not happen, because once turned out two counter-attacks from Wales. We had a moment or two, and Wales is ten. In this respect, there is no need to disassemble the game tonight. I would like to apologize to the fans who supported us. The players probably need to go to Europe. The fact that we all play in the Russian League, do some limits – all this is not going to benefit. I must admit that the football we are not at a high level, and to change something,” said Berezutski.
      Звезды жестко осудили игру российской сборной по футболу на Евро-2016

      “After a long silence, didn’t want to write, but more difficult to hold back, especially after the return of the players. These “earn” millions of euros when our seniors just a few thousand! And this is not a shame and, most importantly, don’t understand that? And really? For what? They have contracts for a few years! They have all been good! All write about what we need to cancel a limit on legionaries, and I believe that we need to introduce a limit on lazy in the Russian football. Rather, what I’m saying? Russian football? It does not exist, by the way, for a very long time, except as in Russia. Would be better if they all disqualified instead of athletics in Rio 2016! And, quite notably, in contrast to net, couldn’t even thank the people who came for that tree root!”, – wrote Alexei Yagudin in his microblog by posting a photo collage, where instead of the heads of the members of team logs.

      Звезды жестко осудили игру российской сборной по футболу на Евро-2016

      But even more famous figure skater was outraged by the scenes team player Pavel Mamaev, which the athlete were posted on a microblog. The player flies in a comfortable cabin home.

      “I hope Mamaev on his private jet good rest. Need a rest after such an intense tournament!” – ironically on the skater Alexei Yagudin.

      Звезды жестко осудили игру российской сборной по футболу на Евро-2016

      MP Maria Kozhevnikova did repost the entry of the skater. In the previous two matches, she tried to refrain from commenting what is happening in the championship. “I tried not to comment, but this post. Now I’m not even talking about football…I don’t know how, does not work. Apparently, it is now so I apologize to the whole country, totora was sick and before loyal fans who believed in them,” – wrote in the microblog Kozhevnikova.

      To protect the wife arose, the wife Mamayev. She noted that the national team players tried to do everything to win, trained every day. According to her, Russian fans know how much support the national team, and just as much to hate it in case of failure.

      “Friends, I’m so certainly negativity today, I read about your husband and about our team etc. Believe me, guys are experiencing much stronger than you think and, of course, a shame and a pity, and a lot of emotions plowed every day for a good game,” wrote Alan.

      Alexei Vorobyov also watched the match of the Russian team with representatives from Wales and were dissatisfied with the performance of our players. “I sit and get really pissed off because the team of the country where I was born and which I love, is lost. But these athletes the best that we have at the moment and it is a sport in which the strongest always wins, so let’s just enjoy the last game of our team in this championship and hope that something will change in 2 years” – ironically a singer.

      At the Moscow airport of the return of the football team from France was only waiting journalists. None of the football fans not have any desire to meet players. According to social media users, the Ministry of sports should think about a new Russian team.

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