Pavel Dmitrichenko: “Three years I did unfairly”

Павел Дмитриченко: «Три года я отсидел незаслуженно» Pavel Dmitrichenko is ready to reveal the name of the true customer of a crime against ballet master Sergei Filin. A former actor of the Bolshoi theatre was released from custody three weeks ago and for the first time spoke about life behind bars.

      Павел Дмитриченко: «Три года я отсидел незаслуженно»

      Three years ago in Moscow, was attacked by choreographer Sergei Filin. Unknown splashed him in the face with sulfuric acid and disappeared. Artistic Director of the Bolshoi theatre was in the hospital with burns of the face and eyes. Filin has undergone more than 20 surgeries, and his vision was saved. Now Sergey recalls that fateful night, as a nightmare.

      Sergei Filin: the love Test

      The investigation lasted long and had scandalous character. In the end, the criminal case about the attack on Filin to six years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony was sentenced soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Pavel Dmitrichenko. 32-year-old actor denied his guilt, but the court remained adamant.

      Three weeks ago, the former soloist of the Bolshoi theatre was released ahead of schedule. Ryazan regional court issued a decision in favor of Paul for his exemplary behaviour, a positive response, seven encouragements for their conscientious work and compliance with the regime. Dmitrichenko continues to insist that he became a victim of a conspiracy, and promises that one day he will write a memoir about the tragedy.

      Павел Дмитриченко: «Три года я отсидел незаслуженно»“I never took his own Filin, and especially now not going to do that. Although I know that three years spent unjustly, ” Paul said after his release. I know how, who and why I was in prison. The time will come I I’ll tell. While he was in prison, I kept a diary, where you record detailed facts of this story. Perhaps on the basis of these records will ever write a book.”

      We will remind, after Dmitrichenko was accused of the attack on Filin, the young artist came to the support group in social networks. More than four hundred fans of his talent and friends shared news with each other, and cheered the actor as he could. However, the main opening for Paul was a girl, with whom relations have developed rapidly, in spite of any difficulties. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, beloved formalized the relationship officers.

      “Officially signed and confirmed information about bright event Dmitrichenko. – His wife Yan knew before me was this thing. She is an artist-designer for the ballet is irrelevant. Just in prison we communicate. We were given a few days for meetings almost every month.

      The artist is in excellent form and ready to work. In prison, he was wrung out and did exercises. It is not excluded that Pavel Dmitrichenko will return to the Bolshoi theater.

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