Саша Зверева хочет родить четвертого ребенка Large mother yearns once again go through the pregnancy. The star said that gets incredible pleasure from the thought that once again survive this happy period of waiting for a baby.

      Саша Зверева хочет родить четвертого ребенка

      A year ago Sasha Zvereva received congratulations from many fans with the birth of the third child. The little lion was born in July last year, and with it gave the singer the status of mothers. The singer and fashion designer is willing to share the parenting experience with your followers in social networks, and more recently, and did arrive in Russia to hold seminars for young mothers. In short, Sasha is seriously interested in this topic and genuinely interested in getting to know about motherhood more and more.

      Despite the fact that since the birth of her third baby celebrity little time has passed, Zvereva think about how to give life and the fourth child. Sasha is sure that the pregnancy is the best period in a woman’s life, and the process of childbirth is so memorable that it was ready to relive it again and again.

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      “Large mom I didn’t want to become. Thinking about it only when given birth Vasilisa 12 years ago, confessed Zverev. The first delivery was so natural, beautiful (just a space!), what I realized — I don’t want to stop there, despite the fact that for many women the birth of a child associated with nightmare.”
      Саша Зверева хочет родить четвертого ребенка

      According to the singer, childbirth bring her pleasure rather than torment, who are often women say. For those who follow the life of the actress, it is no secret that it promotes natural childbirth. Zvereva, prefers to give birth at home. The process of birth of the children of the stars could see the whole country – Sasha recorded live and willingly shared all the details of this process with future moms. The ex-soloist of group “Demo” sure has managed to help many women who wanted to give birth at home but couldn’t decide. Remembering the period when she was waiting for the birth of the heirs, Sasha realizes that wants to experience it again.

      “When the light appeared” I was sad at the thought that I’m not pregnant. So, naturally, I want more kids. Let’s change my wishes after the fourth birth. I do not look forward and live for today,” Zverev said in an interview Woman.ru.

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