Anna Khilkevich will build a house for yourself and parents

Анна Хилькевич построит дом для себя и родителей Luxurious mansion with an area of 580 will be located in the suburbs. Star of TV series “Univer” always dreamed about what would have housing where you can gather all family members and friends. Currently, work is underway on the project.

      Анна Хилькевич построит дом для себя и родителей

      In a posh mansion in high-tech style in Northwest suburbs the star of the show “Univer” will enter next year. Anna and her husband Arthur had long dreamed of their own homes, which is enough to place them with a 6 month old daughter Arianna, and parents and numerous friends. Work on the project started six months ago – the design of the cottage engaged architect Maxim Dureev.

      “The area of the house Anne – 580 square meters, – says Maxim. – One spacious living room: the client wanted to have enough space for gatherings. In the mansion are four bedrooms – one for Anna and her husband Arthur, the other for parents of stars – Tatyana Andreevna and Alexander, as well as two guest”.

      Features of the cottage – large Windows in the floor and the flat roof with a slight slope. The house is decorated with a huge terrace where you will located recreation area and space for a promenade – it is almost 200 meters. On the ground floor the couple and their guests can relax in the SPA area – the project involves a built-in cabin-sauna.

      Анна Хилькевич построит дом для себя и родителейAnna and her husband don’t want frills: their mansion in white and brown tones, is decorated in the style of minimalism,” noted Dureev. The area of the infield celebrity – about 20 acres. Near is all necessary infrastructure: shops, fitness center, kindergarten.

      The construction of the first private homes Anna, who on 15 October will be 30 years old, came effortlessly. Land Lee and her husband bought last year, then several months the family discussed the concept. Besides, the actress has something to do: today, Anna and Arthur make repairs in his Moscow apartment.

      Fans of Anna Khilkevich is well known that when it comes to her dreams, the spouse star is doing everything possible to be carried out. The chosen artist did not skimp on surprises for the beloved, and eagerly makes her expensive gifts. For example, Arthur gave his wife a luxury car. Fans of Anna are happy for their idol and admired her family.

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