Star of TV series “Red Queen” sees actor

Звезда сериала «Красная королева» встречается с актером Ksenia Lukanenkova, who played the role model Regina Zbarskaya in the series “the Red Queen”, had an affair with actor Ivan Ivakina, which is remembered by the audience for the project “Junior”.

      Звезда сериала «Красная королева» встречается с актером

      Actress Ksenia Lukanenkova, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of theatrical art, has become popular due to the role of the legendary models Regina Zbarska in the series “the Red Queen”. Regina and Leo Zbarskii: the personal tragedy of the red Queen of the catwalk and her husband

      Fans of the talent of the young movie stars now carefully monitor the personal lives of a striking brunette. According to many subscribers of Instagram, the girl began to meet with a colleague in the film industry Ivan Ivakina, known for the TV series “Junior”.

      The actors were not seen together at social events that sparked rumors about their affair. Ksenia and Ivan did not comment on their relationship. Girl jokes and says they are just friends. However, joyful photos of serial stars in the arms say the opposite.

      Before the start of the series “the Red Queen” Ivan posted on his microblog a photo with your leading lady. “See serial film “the Red Queen” starring my amazing girlfriend Ksenia! The series, based on the history of the first Soviet fashion models, gained recognition in the West. We are all very impatiently waiting for this premiere,” wrote the actor in the picture. Even then, the fans as Alexander Kostrova of “Youth” began to suspect that Ivan and Kseniya are not just friends.

      Ivan could not long conceal his relationship with a girl. He frankly told reporters, when first saw Xenia. “We met on the set of the TV series “the Red Queen”. After the show I went to Moscow to continue to play in a Junior team, and she stayed in Minsk still to appear. Then she came back to Peter, she had to finish College. Long-distance relationships, I think it’s called, talked on Skype, on the phone. After graduation, she moved to Moscow. Now we are here, together,” he shared with Dino

      By the way, new photos of the Xenia looks great. The girl who since childhood was inclined to corpulence, had to lose 15 pounds for starring in the TV series “the Red Queen”. Star of TV series “Red Queen” thin beyond recognition

      “My first audition took place in an empty auditorium, directed by Alyona Semenova put me on a tablet. After that, I auditioned three more times, and again said: you should lose weight. And even when approved, I heard: “This does not mean that you don’t need to lose weight!” To throw off 15 pounds in two months — really. The most difficult were the last seven pounds,” said Lukyanchenko.

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