Звезда сериала «Красная королева» сбросила 15 кг за 2 месяца

Xenia lukyanchikova admitted that for the role she had in the short term to throw more than 10 pounds!

Before shooting in the TV series “Red Queen” Xenia looked completely different: lush student of the University theater hardly resembled the model. But appearances really approached the producers of the series, so Lukyanchikova had to quickly lose weight for the role one of the most striking and mysterious mannequins of the Soviet Union.

Those who complain about the extra weight, from which it is impossible to remove because of the tendency to be overweight or because he inherited, Xenia has a lot to answer!

“In front of me set the task: I will not do it if do not lose weight. I sat on the buckwheat, apples, ate salads and drank kefir. In fact, everything. For 2 months I lost 15 kilos!” – said the actress on the program “Good morning”.

Indeed, when Lukyanchikova had the opportunity to play a leading role in life, there is not 15 pounds lose weight!

However, Ksenia, achieving goals, ceased to starve yourself and on the days posted on the “Instagram” shot of your dinner in a Burger.

“Category “Evening of revelation”. So, friends, please do not panic! I’m generally not a Walker in such places, but here a rare case of thought, so to speak”.

By the way, Ksyusha’s role in the series “the Red Queen” debut: earlier the star was playing in the theater.

“This is my first television experience. I’m very excited and want you appreciated my work,” he appealed to his fans 23-year-old star.

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