Scientists have proven why you need a vacation every two months

Ученые доказали, почему отпуск нужен каждые два месяца

The body needs time to recover, otherwise can cause serious health problems.

Thank you, comrades, at this time, your research can be very useful. We’ve been slaving like a horse, day and night, and it turns out that it is harmful to health.

Scientists conducted a study, which established that a person needs to take a vacation every 62 days! In this case, the leave must last a minimum of seven days. Only this is sufficient to rejuvenate the body and internal balance.

If you follow the instructions, then get a huge thanks from your body and the health problems will be forgotten once and for all. Otherwise, as experts say, undermine the immune system.

And this is not a joke. According to the study, workers who can afford a vacation every five years, more aggressive, more likely to suffer from insomnia and most of them already have chronic heart disease.

Meanwhile, at the moment, the lack of planned output was diagnosed in 23% of employees, 20% of employees are in need of urgent vacation, and 44% at full output the bottom.

So take in one hand and statistical data, the application for leave and ran to the employer. While health to the whole, and that in fact more will come to restore it.

And how often you take a vacation?

  • Four times a year. Have spent all their days, as it should be
  • One or two times a year. But full!
  • To tell you the truth, I’m resting more than working…
  • The last few years have not been able to escape. Take (-) off for a few days
  • In vacation was not(-a) for five years
  • Don’t know what vacation. I never had

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