Star of TV series “Police Rublyovka” lost 10 kg thanks to the magic

Звезда сериала «Полицейский с Рублевки» похудела на 10 кг благодаря магии
Sofia Kashtanova admitted that losing weight using a mysterious force.

Звезда сериала «Полицейский с Рублевки» похудела на 10 кг благодаря магии

Sofia Kashtanova

Star of TV series “Police with rublevki” Sofia Kashtanova (she plays a seductive beauty Christina) acknowledges that it is necessary to strictly control yourself. Otherwise excesses in the diet instantly reflected in the figure.

“I remember I came back from America, well there is just to much!, — says the actress. — As soon as you do not lose weight… In the Japanese diet believed every calorie: protein in the morning only, evening — only green salad. Then was fashionable protein diet, it is a little crazy is not gone. Sat in the whites — and went berserk, angry, though usually I tend not to. And most importantly, that after all these izmyvatelstva over a I lost pounds on three, and then very quickly everything came back — no joy!”

Still, your diet Sofia found. Nothing special in it, except for one secret, but about it later. “I try to eat not fat in my menu yogurt, vegetables, light proteins like Turkey, fish. And no sweet: I just don’t like. On this healthy eating I lost about 10 pounds. And what I especially like is the fact that after a diet of conventional foods seem a delight. If I understand losing weight can afford pasta or even a piece of cake”.

So what is the secret? It turns out that Kashtanov is still some kind of magic: “On a piece of paper you need to write your desired weight, which I did. Since then has passed two years, my weight kept on the same mark, which I “guessed” on a piece of paper! Perhaps this is the power of thought, power of suggestion. You just set myself an objective, and adjusts the body”.

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Sofia Kashtanova

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