Продолжение свадьбы Гуцериевых: первые кадры торжества в Лондоне The son of the oligarch Mikhail Gutseriev and his bride Khadija Uzakova arranged the second part of the holiday for the relatives. The ceremony brought together the newlyweds ‘ families.
Продолжение свадьбы Гуцериевых: первые кадры торжества в Лондоне

Last weekend the family of one of the richest people of Russia Mikhail Gutseriev has attracted much public attention. The tycoon arranged a wedding for his son said Gutseriev and his bride , Hadiji Orahovac the Metropolitan Banquet hall Safisa. Such secular celebrations Moscow is not seen for a long time. Past holiday has become one of the most talked about events of the week, but its details are still generate genuine interest among the users of social networks who vigilantly monitor the emergence of any details about a beautiful tale of 28-year-old businessman and his young lady.

Our material on the first day of the wedding in Moscow the wedding of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev in detail.

The day after the holiday, which is soon whole country spoke, it became known that the Ingush wedding will continue, but already in England. It was reported that the couple will go to London, where will be organized the second part of an amazing wedding, but this time for a narrow circle of relatives and friends of the family.
Продолжение свадьбы Гуцериевых: первые кадры торжества в Лондоне

Now there is the first footage of family get-togethers on the occasion of marriage of young lovers. In the pictures, appeared in the Network, you notice that the bride wore a very modest outfit. This time the girl was brought to the guests in the wedding dress of a simple cut, embroidered with beads and sequins. Head charming bride was adorned with a handkerchief, give her image even more modesty. By the way, wedding dress, Hadiji Orahovac, in which she shone during the first part of the great celebration that was truly Royal. Girl dress weighed more than 25 pounds, and over it took the legendary designer Elie Saab dressed many Hollywood star.

Elie Saab has created a wedding dress for 27 million rubles for the bride of the son of Gutseriev

It is obvious that this time the couple had a holiday only for family behind a festive table is a parents, grandparents, lovers. The video that appeared on social networks, you notice that the bride lovingly cared for every guest – she was sure that everyone was treated to delicious dishes presented at the ceremony and personally distributed the plates of treats. By the way, this touching moment was captured by one of the guests, and then led to a genuine affection among the fans of Orahovac.


I must say, after an enchanting celebration, arranged in the Metropolitan restaurant, the bride of businessman Gutseriev said there was a whole army of fans. Now social networks are filled with full of numerous communities that discuss Hadiji charming style, her upbringing, manners, Hobbies. Some share their experiences with sister-in-law oligarch, emphasizing her modesty and courtesy.

However, shy beauty was a wedding, which will long continue to speak both in Russia and abroad. About the celebration on the occasion of marriage of the son of the oligarch has already written even foreign editions. Perhaps this is not surprising, because not every festival was held in Russia, are j-Lo, sting, Patricia Kaas, Enrique Iglesias and Diva.

J-Lo, sting and Enrique Iglesias took a walk at a Russian wedding

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