Друг Джей Ло от ее имени флиртовал с Ди Каприо по СМС

It happened during the filming of “Car karaoke” with the participation of the singer.

On air Comedy show presenter James Corden grabbed a smartphone to its guests Jennifer Lopez, found her in the person of Leonardo DiCaprio and sent him a romantic message: “hi, baby! I think that today I will finish early. Do you have any suggestions? J. Lo”.

Leo, of course, unable to ignore unexpected TEXT from the Jennifer Lopez…

“You mean tonight? Would you like to go to the club?”, – answered room j-Lo Di Caprio.

SMS received, Jennifer and her friend laughed heartily. “But Leo really thought it I wrote him a message, said the singer to the camera.

However, Leo is unlikely to be offended by a friend. Over the actor often make fun of friends and the media, and it applies to everything with humor. What are Internet memes with Leonardo DiCaprio before “Oscar” (read more HERE)!

Also on the set of “Car karaoke” Jennifer Lopez sang with James Probably the songs that is On The Floor and Jenny from the Block, and Booty and has taught each of his trademark dance moves.

Also, J. Lo proved once again that her buttocks no silicone, and she loves everything natural and organic.

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