Звезда сериала «Интерны» впервые стал отцом
The actor who played young Dr. Maxim, shared good news about the fatherhood.

Ilya Shidlovsky

Ilya Shidlovsky, who played the young doctor’s Maxim, first
became a father. About St. Petersburg the actor said on his page on the social network. Good news Ilya shared two weeks later
after the birth of son Gregory. It
published the family: he, his girlfriend, the baby’s mother, and son. “Today
us exactly two weeks and one day! Grigory Ilyich will desire to walk”, signed
photo Szydlowski.

We Will Remind, Ilya Shidlovsky
became the hero of the popular series “Interns” two years ago. Moreover, the 27-year-old
the actor first sample in “Interns” took place
in absentia. “You come to Moscow, I could not, — says the actor. — Then sent me on
mail text and was asked to make a record. I put on the shoulders of a white towel, like a white robe, and
began to read the text, recording yourself on a phone camera. By chance I
came. However, I had still to move to the capital…” with regard to
the choice of the acting profession, the Shidlovsky there is not one to take an example. It
dad is a criminal lawyer and mother is a teacher of Russian and
English. However, they maintained Ilya in all his Hobbies. ”
twelve years I watched “Jurassic Park”, and I really wanted
to be a paleontologist, ” says Szydlowski. And for the period of this hobby
for me biology was a solid Quartet, though in all other subjects I
was a terrible Trinity. But then I saw the movie Sylvester Stallone “rocky”
and, of course, decided to become a boxer. The very next day enrolled in
the Boxing class. Even got
the second category”. The idea about the profession of the actor came to the Shidlovsky after viewing
of another movie. This, oddly enough, was Titanic. “Leonardo Di Caprio
made a big impression on me, ” says Ilya. I suddenly realized that
can join all professions at once, if I become an actor”. While still in the
the first course St. Petersburg Academy theatre, Szydlowski started
acting — first in commercials, then had a small role in the TV series “the White
guard.” “Still, like all new actors for Peter, I went through the episodes
TV series “Streets of broken lights” and “Foundry,” says Ilya. — And here,
finally, I was lucky enough to get a major role in “Intern”.

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