Actress Zoe Berber shared an effective exercise for the glutes

Актриса Зоя Бербер поделилась эффективным упражнением для ягодиц
Star of TV series “Real boys” on TNT told family secret, how to make a quick and beautiful elastic ass.

Zoya Berber


To return in good shape after childbirth, popular actress Zoe Berber started active trainings and start to eat right. “I worked out the house, told star. — I’ve been using a large mirror in the room.
I turn on the music and dancing, fooling around, crunches, squat. And my daughter
around me the creeps. With the mirror all these exercises to do more fun.”

Zoe never ran, didn’t hit a fitness or weight training. According to the artist, she has always helped by the fact that from five to 15 years, she went to the dance theatre. “To
pregnancy played in an experimental performance-the ballet “Demon” by
Lermontov at the Theater named Yermolova, ” says Berber. — Before each rehearsal,
actors, arranged a thorough workout of the entire body with exercises from
the power of yoga. It helped a lot to gather and keep yourself in shape.”

Exercise Bears in the North” from Zoya Berber

“This is a favorite exercise of my mom, it is for that priest had elastic
and beautiful. Sit on the floor or a comfortable Mat. Extend your legs in front of
other, you can just slightly bend the knees. Back straight. Bent at the elbows
hands move behind your head. If we move so will be difficult, you can
to leave hands free, balancing them on the exercise.
Start to move in a sitting position, one buttock to the other —
vperevalochku, like bears. Try not to get too bent legs.
Ten moves ahead, ten ago. Rest and repeat.

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