Star of the TV series “NCIS: naval criminal investigative service” left a guy

Звезда сериала «Морская полиция: Спецотдел» бросила жениха

Polly Perret, star of the American TV series “NCIS: naval criminal investigative service” (“NCIS”), she dumped her fiance Thomas arkey. The couple celebrated their engagement on Christmas day 2011, but before the wedding thing, as you can see, it did not. Information about the separation of Polly and Thomas confirmed friends of the actress.

They said that the woman repeatedly tolerated the wedding date. At first she didn’t want to get married before you resolve some of the cases, then didn’t want the wedding until California will not accept the law about same-sex marriage, but even then, when the so-called law Prop 8 was passed, she came up with a new reason – she had to allow same-sex marriages for all. When America allowed same-sex marriages for all, Polly said that “not to marry only because can do it”. Insiders reported that she initially had not planned to marry arkey. But why was fooling young man? However, it doesn’t matter – they broke up on Christmas eve, and Polly is now officially available.