Мерайя Кери покупала марихуану перед срывом в Нью-Йорке

Ex-husband of Marii Carey Tommy Motol accuses her new York scandal technical team of Ryan Seacrest, who organized the performance of the American singer, but the American paparazzi found the answer to her strange behavior on stage that night – the pop diva was busted for buying pot for a few hours before the concert.

Before the performance, Maria visited aspen, Colorado, where he visited a local store to The Original Leaf, specializing in the sale of marijuana. Paparazzi caught the singer leaving institution just before she went home. Visit celebrity confirms and Jesse Miller, one of the owners of a drug store.
“She was with us a few times. During the first visit, she just walked around the store. None of our customers got to know her, just our salesman. He told her another time to call if she decides to buy something,” Miller said and added that celebrities often acquire them “weed”. On the question of what bought Keri before leaving home, Jesse answered evasively stated that “this is a unique product that you can buy only in the store.”
The assumption that Maria could be “stoned” at the time of his embarrassment, he eliminates.
“I know that in show business everybody smokes weed from celebrities to workers of the stage,” said Jessie. By the way, that it store granted herself a pop diva, it is not the least bit surprised.
“Maraya Carey? I don’t care, call me when you come Snopp Dog” — outlined your taste in music Miller.
We will remind that speech in the Square garden, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, marked the unfortunate beginning of the year for the singer. Those present noticed that, Maria not only is the soundtrack, but even that word misses, and sometimes just stands there smiling until it sounds the song. People began to laugh at her and accuse that she knows the words to his own songs.
However, this is not the first time Carey so disgraced. During a series of speeches last year, the audience noted that celebrity forgot how to sing – it takes a little bit of high notes, out of tune, and even sings under a soundtrack, not getting into the words of their own compositions.