Star of “sin City” shocked by the death of his sister

Звезда «Города грехов» шокирована смертью сестры Western journalists reported that actress Rosario Dawson has lost a loved one. Cousin of Hollywood star passed away in Venice. According to correspondents, a relative of the actress regularly complained of health problems.
Звезда «Города грехов» шокирована смертью сестры

38-year-old actress Rosario Dawson, known for its participation in the blockbuster “sin City”, experiencing the loss of a loved one. As Western media reported, citing a source in law enforcement bodies, celebrity found in his house in Venice, the body of 26-year-old cousin, Vaness INES Vasquez.

According to journalists, Rosario went back to the mansion last Thursday and found cousin. Of vaness was unconscious, than seriously disturbed relative. Dawson decided to turn to medical professionals and called an ambulance.

Arrived on the scene, the doctors took Vasquez to the intensive care unit. However, they failed to rescue a cousin sister of Hollywood actress. She died, without regaining consciousness.

Reports are that, Vaness INES Vasquez was experiencing health problems. The girl complained of headaches and suffered from hypertension. The autopsy showed that the death of a relative of the famous actress came from natural causes.

Звезда «Города грехов» шокирована смертью сестры

At the moment, relatives of the deceased girl waiting for a Toxicological examination. The source of the tabloid reports that Vaness did not abuse illicit drugs. According to the insider, Vasquez did not accept “substance”.

Rosario Dawson is a famous American actress, singer and writer. The artist was born 9 may 1979 in new York. When Dawson was still a child, she appeared in the popular program “sesame Street”. In adolescence, the future movie star was noticed by a famous photographer Larry Clark and producer harmony Korin. He called Rosario for the shooting of “Kids” were involved, Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin pierce and Chloe sevigny. The film, released in 1995, tells the story of several troubled teenagers.

After the resounding success of “Kids” Dawson started to offer roles in different projects – both big-budget and independent. At different times, the actress starred in “sin City,” “robot Chicken,” “death Proof”, “Alexander”, “Daredevil”, “Iron fist,” “Delusion” and “the Defenders.”

In 2014, Rosario Dawson adopted a 12-year-old girl. In one interview, the actress explained what motivated her to take this step. In recognition of Rosario, she was raised by her adoptive father. “He started Dating my mom when she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. He is amazing. I always wanted to be like him,” said the celebrity.