Звездный нумеролог раскрыла личные тайны Бабкиной, Дубцовой и Успенской Clara Kuzenbaeva worked with many Russian celebrities. Specialist helped Irina Dubtsova to survive the death of the father, and foresaw the theft of jewelry from her love of the assumption. “StarHit” learned the role artists played numerology.

      Звездный нумеролог раскрыла личные тайны Бабкиной, Дубцовой и Успенской

      How to protect yourself from misfortune and to attract good luck? Clara Kuzenbaeva examines the birth dates of men and gives them advice how to behave in different situations. Among those who plan a future based on a life code, a lot of celebrities.

      Who want to choose

      Nadezhda Babkina hired a babysitter for her date of birth

      “Nadia enjoys my forecasts for many years, says Clara. – That according to the calculations I have determined that in 2013 and 2015, the singer will be born granddaughter Vera and Martha. By the way, when daughter-in-law Tanya Babkina was of the last, they with Nadia consulted with me about a name. I had a tech situation pregnant and realized that, most likely, the baby will be born on April 24th. And if the forecast is correct, it should be called a Martha – then the girl will be lucky and happy. But Tanya waved at me, “come on, I put the deadline in mid-may, I had not the face!” I just grinned… And guess what, 24 APR calls me Nadia, they say, again I’m grandma, and you – Wang from numerology!

      Звездный нумеролог раскрыла личные тайны Бабкиной, Дубцовой и Успенской

      I also helped the artist to choose a nanny for my grandson. She singled out a few favorite girls, he texts me with their date of birth, and I was doing the alignment: this temperament sadist, this energy vampire, if her child will get sick and wither, but that – at the time. Nadia listened to me and chose, taking into account the recommendations”.



      Звездный нумеролог раскрыла личные тайны Бабкиной, Дубцовой и Успенской

      “Ira approached me in the most difficult period. In December 2011, the singer’s father died and she could not come to terms with the departure of a loved one. I studied her life code and realized that Irina is suffering from a guilt complex, she was one of those who’s looking for his flaw. That’s it, and tortured, that she had given to the Pope, because sometimes it was impossible to call or come to visit, because a lot of work. I explained that she could not otherwise.

      Thought also life code dad and told Ira that he knew about her love and doubted that she works in and to help them with my mom. I managed to convince her that dad died nobody’s fault, just his life was the fatal period, which, unfortunately, could not overcome. Irina became easier, and she admitted that, over time, began to feel the presence of the father in his life, began to talk to him – without this nagging pain as before. Later Dubtsova she was fascinated by numerology and is now making predictions of myself and my friends”.



      Звездный нумеролог раскрыла личные тайны Бабкиной, Дубцовой и Успенской

      “Natasha and astral are sisters – we have the same life purpose. She is now experiencing not the best period, it is constantly plagued by doubts about career and future family. To stop being nervous, I advised her to practice yoga, which she did, hiring a personal trainer… When Natasha felt that training to help her relax and to find harmony with myself, she called me and thanked heartily.

      Said that also advised yoga and friends, faced with depression, and shared with them the contacts of the instructor. Natasha is very generous to girls who could not afford to pay for classes, she bought a ticket. Well, it says to do if they are not able to, and where to get help”.



      “Any seven years ago I was introduced to Nadezhda Babkina. After examining the date of her birth, I saw that in the nearest future the singer is waiting for the betrayal. Asked him to give me the data of people working on it, and determined that the impact is expected from the press Secretary Alina. Told her that the girl in the program code is written evil, and soon she’ll do her stuff. But the skeptic Luba did not listen to me. And six months later this Alina in all the media doused the singer mud and on every street corner shouting that Lyuba was almost brought her to suicide. In addition, it blocked the website of the singer, which had thereafter to fix.

      Three years ago the assumption was missing a watch for a tidy sum. I came to her house and asked the date of birth of domestic workers. After reviewing them, determined that the watch must have taken the youngest, Oksana. Said Lyuba put it, otherwise the clock is not limited. Assumption thought… But two days later, the decoration was found. Lyuba laughed – you see, says you’re wrong with your predictions. And six months later, the accessory is gone again – and Oksana with him. According to rumors, the girl ran away to Israel, and jewel, of course, the assumption did not return. After that, Luba, hiring someone always asks my advice.”