Lama Safonova has gone to desperate measures in the fight against cancer

Лама Сафонова пошла на отчаянные меры в борьбе с раком Singer forced to resort to costly medication. The doctors insisted to enter the artist solution, which will improve her condition. Lama Safonova has said that the strength of her body, almost at the end.

      Singer Lama Safonova in late December last year announced that she was diagnosed with cancer. She went to the hospital where she had surgery. The actress did not hide all the hardships of a difficult recovery, she in detail shared in the microblog of everything that’s happening. Also Lama participated in a talk show, where, she said, came from his hospital bed. Safonov said that it is difficult for her to fight the disease, so as not to take antibiotics and some other medicines. Cancer Lama Safonova dreams of children

      Now the Lama was faced with a new challenge. According to her, doctors tried to find the reserves to continue to struggle with the illness in her body, but failed. Safonov was forced to take desperate measures.

      “I was offered this: to use a special shot (it costs dearly). I agreed, it is specially ordered from Israel, administered to him in 48 hours after the start of chemistry, and he acts 30 days, raising blood. And theoretically, if it works, will help to support the body during the third year. In General, tomorrow morning is the start of chemistry and need to hold out till Friday and on Friday it will introduce. And we’ll see how I feel. But there is still time to put it in the stomach. And I have after surgery still a psychological stupor. The injection is extremely painful (its analogues I put in the arm repeatedly). I thought of this just starts to shake and I can’t help it,” – said the singer.

      Fans tried to cheer up artist. They wished her a speedy recovery and hope that the Lama will be able to overcome the disease. “Good luck, I really hope that everything will be fine, otherwise not. Larocca, hold on, sun!” “Hold on, darling! So help you God! All will be well. We all wish you a speedy heal, You crazy beautiful girl. Morally and spiritually very strong, you umnichka, I wish you health and happiness,” wrote the followers of the artist.

      Not so long ago, all indifferent to the woes Lama Safonova decided to help her financially. They collected money so that the artist could buy necessary medicines and pay for medical services. Lama Safonova realized causes serious illness