Olga Veter gave his son the education of the father

Ольга Ветер отдала сына на воспитание отцу Ex-participant reality show “House-2” spends time without Misha. Olga told followers that he is communicating with Gleb by Zhemchugova. While the child is with dad, Olga meets family and her people.

      Ольга Ветер отдала сына на воспитание отцу

      A young mother Olga the Wind often shares details of his personal life in social networks. At the moment, the ex-participant reality show “House-2” lives with her son Misha. A few months ago, the woman finally divorced the boy’s father, Gleb by Zhemchugova. According to the rapper, he has tried to improve relations in the family, but Olga refused to make concessions. However, the former spouses were able to part friends. Mike spends enough time with each of the parents.

      On the eve of the Wind has told followers that he sent his son to live with father. Gleb rents an apartment in the same neighborhood as his ex-wife. While Mike was visiting dad, a model decided to have fun.

      “Good evening. Now such visits are very rare, but while Misha dad, mommy and friends gathered in the movies,” said Olga in a microblog.
      Ольга Ветер отдала сына на воспитание отцу

      Followers Wind said that after breaking up with Gleb, she blossomed. Besides, at the moment the winner of the title “person of the year” actively losing weight for the beach season. A young woman watches the food and do fitness. Many subscribers have already appreciated the result, which managed to achieve the Olga. “Slim without the folds of fat”, “You’re amazing”, “You beauty”, “Figure just gorgeous,” said fans of telestroke. Skinny Olga Wind scared fans

      The wind is trying to agitate other members of the fairer sex to lose weight to the warm time of year. “Snack lunch – protein. And those who do not believe that you can lose weight without the help of cocktails and pills, for lunch then Taz them palmese. Continue on to doubt, and I’m going to go for their goals,” said Olga in a microblog.

      By the way, Pearl said that after they broke up, his ex-wife has changed. “I’m just giving OLE some wild oats. Now she’s trying to try everything new, let. When we came to the project, she was an ordinary girl, wanted to raise a child, now she has other priorities: money, shooting, self-development. It’s nice if she wants, let him try. I’m still waiting for her, and hope she’ll be back,” said Gleb “StarHit”.