Звезда «Давай поженимся» Василиса Володина прокомментировала добавление 13-го знака зодиака

The online community is alarmed by the news that from now on changing the system of the horoscope, since it was opened on the 13th zodiac sign – Ophiuchus. While some worried about how they were “cancers” and became “twins”, the journalists decided to communicate on this subject with a person who is in this case the dog ate.

One of the matchmakers program “let’s get married” astrologer Vasilisa Volodin explained that actually meant NASA, when talking about the presence of another zodiac sign.

“NASA has changed the zodiac signs!!! Horror, help! What to do? If tersely – to spit and forget, says Volodin. – In a bit more detail, for those who are used to reading text only Instagram: calmness, only calmness! Nothing happens. The rams remain the Rams, Scorpions Scorpions, the sign Ophiuchus is not, was not and never will be. Media distort the facts, taking advantage of the illiteracy of the readers, and NASA is adding fuel to the fire, trying to portray the news where there is none, and to justify get grants like education.