The mother of John legend was arrested for prostitution and drug use

Мать Джона Ледженда арестовывали за занятие проституцией и употребление наркотиков

Today the 37-year-old singer John legend has achieved great heights in your favorite business. This is evidenced by at least the number of awards that the musician gathers annually at various ceremonies. In the collection of John has 10 Grammy awards and even an Oscar.

But this success must not Legends caring parents should educate the child and myself personally. After the success of John came to him not because of certain factors, but in spite of.

As it turned out, the mother of the artist all of his childhood was being inappropriate – she was frequently detained by police on charges as petty theft and drug abuse, extortion and even prostitution.

Of course, these family problems could not affect John. But instead of also following in the footsteps of his mother and deal with crime ( as often happens), legend managed to break out of this circle. By the way, now the musician is actively cooperating with the UN to combat drugs. In addition, recently, the artist has supported prison reform.

“Those of us who are faced with drug addiction from the inside, know that such people need not to judge, but to treat it,” says John. – As a teenager I watched my mother disappear depending. Mom I have replaced my grandmother on my father’s side, which was surrounded by the love of our entire family.”

“Addiction is not just shared my mother’s life into “before” and “after”. This disease has separated us, put an end to our family relationships,” added legend.