Мэтта ЛеБлана обвинили в сексизме после разговора о голой Эмилии Кларк

49-year-old actor Matt LeBlanc even many years later, after the completion of the series “Friends”, which brought him popularity, associated his fans with kind and sincere character who loves women.

These features are inherent in not only on-screen hero of LeBlanc, but he himself. So when at a recent ceremony of the “Emmy” the journalist asked, what did he think about the TV series “Game of thrones” and the game actress Emilia Clarke, who passed them, Matt said that not watching this show.

Adding that he was quite a few episodes of the first season to understand what was going on. Also, LeBlanc said that he still intends to find time to watch “Game of thrones” to end, because he was attracted to the piquant scenes with Emilia.

No sooner had the words Matt to be in the network, in address, immediately fell angry and judgmental comments. Most of the Internet users accused the actor of being sexist and agreed that his remarks were “vulgar” and “sickening”, also belittled the dignity of Emilia Clarke as an actress.

To make excuses for your words Matt, not yet decided. What do you think, is it worth it?