Звезда КВН увез больную раком невесту в Израиль Sergei Oborin is trying to do everything to save his beloved. Recently a team member “Parapaparam” asked to help raise funds for Anna’s treatment Baranovoj. Now couples have the opportunity to go abroad to undergo a course of chemotherapy.

      Last week, a team member KVN “Parapaparam” Sergey Oborin has turned to its fans for help. He said that his bride Anna Bazhanova seriously ill – the girl was diagnosed with breast cancer fourth degree. The man in desperation asked for help – he appealed to all concerned with a request to transfer money for treatment of his beloved.

      Now Sergey thanked all who responded to his call. He said that thanks to the funds they managed to fly to Israel to Bazhanov could undergo a course of chemotherapy. The comedian hopes that it will help Anna to restore health. Star KVN saves the patient with cancer bride

      “Thank you to everyone who wants to help and helps morally, financially, acquaintances and connections and just a kind word. Thank you for not staying out of the way and help us fight the terrible disease! In this short time we managed to raise about half the necessary amount. And because of this we today in Israel and continued chemotherapy. Soon we will return to Moscow and continue the treatment, and then again fly to Israel, and, God forbid, will begin rehabilitation. Anna feels differently, but we with it and not get discouraged. Moreover, you and look how many turned out! Thank you!” asked Oborin.

      Friends and fans rushed to support Sergei and his beloved. They wished the girl a speedy recovery. “Hold on! Succeed, the main thing to believe!”, “God grant you health! Positive thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery!”, “Hold on! Will succeed”, – wrote the followers of the star of KVN.

      Sergey admits that they received so many nice words, that they do not have time to reply to everyone. However, the pair are grateful to everyone who has shown sympathy in their difficult situation.

      “Many people wonder, ask questions, write a lot of words of support, I want to reply to everyone, but, unfortunately, this is not possible and we physically can’t do it because of messages very much! So I write here. We are extremely extremely grateful to you all, every single one! After our request at the expense of every minute of the funds for the treatment of Anya, from five roubles to large amounts!” – said Oborin.