Мама модели раскрыла подробности ее свидания с принцем Уильямом The woman told how the daughter reacted to the publication in the Network. According to cousin Sophie Turner, the girl did meet with a representative of the British Royal family, but nothing reprehensible pair was not engaged.

      Мама модели раскрыла подробности ее свидания с принцем Уильямом

      Recently Prince William was captured by foreign paparazzi during a lunch with model Sophie Turner. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and the 24-year-old model from Australia have spent time in the restaurant in the Swiss resort, where a representative of the Royal family came to relax in the company of friends. According to eyewitnesses, the couple were having a nice conversation and did not pay attention to other people.

      The next day, after a harmless lunch at the restaurant, pictures of Prince William and young Australian women appeared on the pages of numerous tabloids. Some journalists tried to track down the family of the model, to find out what kind of relationship Ms. Turner and heir to the British throne. The girl’s mother confirmed that she really was in contact with William.

      “Sophie said that they met and had a few drinks. She noted that he was very kind and behaved like regular people,” said a relative of Turner.

      According to mother Sophie, a girl shocked by all the hype that emerged in the Networks and the Newspapers after this story. The model is even closed his personal page in Instagram, but interested users could easily find pictures of Turner. The footage girl posing without a bra or in a very revealing bathing suits. According to a number of publications in the past year, Sophie worked with Chadwick Agency, but were later excluded.

      How to write British tabloids, Queen Elizabeth II unhappy with the behavior of his grandson. William dared to leave the UK in important state holiday – Day of the Commonwealth of Nations. Besides, a day later the visitors one of the clubs of the resort posted a video that shows how the 34-year-old Prince William dancing to a rap song. Male incendiary throwing his hands up and no worries that someone will notice.

      “The first few hours William and his friends were seated, ordered drinks and chatted. Only in the morning went to dance. It was very funny,” said the eyewitness of the events at the club.

      During one of the tracks representative of the Royal family approached the DJ and decided to twist the levers on the remote. The audience managed to shoot this moment on video.