Maxim Vitorgan was surprised by an erotic photo shoot

Максим Виторган удивил эротической фотосессией The actor shared a spicy picture in which he appeared completely naked. Fans of Maxim Vitorgan admire his beautiful physical form. In their opinion, the star of cinema and theatre is very brutal.

      Максим Виторган удивил эротической фотосессией

      Recently, in the microblogging Maxim Vitorgan there are more publications dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. The artist shows regularly workout at the gym and shares his impressions. Some fans of the movie and theatre stars believe that the fascination with the actor physical exertion affected his beloved wife Ksenia Sobchak. And recently Vitorgan decided to demonstrate what results he has accomplished. A man shared a photo where he appeared completely naked. This spicy picture was made for advertising delivery service.

      “All I have with me… and eat! Eat delicious and healthy food I need, individually designed, energy intake… in the morning I brought a magic bag, I have it and the DAC to work… I forgot what “kinekor”, fast-food or hunger during the working day” said the artist.

      Fans Vitorgan noticed that he is in amazing shape. “You’ve lost weight and been working out”, “well Done, keep it up”, “You are a miracle: looks, talent, humor,” “I like it”, “Motivator of the day”, “Beautiful”, “Brutal”, “Super”, “You always look great! You are very charismatic”, “Maxim, you have achieved amazing results”, “wow”, “How many women now dream to deliver a meal if they will meet such a man?” “You made my day”, “Great! Was, is and will be 100%! This breed and the right woman next to you,” “Bravo,” was discussed by the subscribers of the artist.

      At the same time, the actor was envious and rushed in to Express their opinions. So, one woman compared the Maxim Vitorgan with another famous artist. “And the person’s face is better not to shoot. Or face Danila Kozlovsky privatecapital. And f*** too,” she wrote. Star of theatre and film with humor responded to the comment subscribers will. Vitorgan wished her health and good mood. “Oh, my God, I wrote one comment, the second, both of you erased, wrote the third… Hang in there, woman! You are not alone. We see you, pay attention. All will be well. Come on, hands on the blanket and enjoy life!” – says the man.

      Previously Maxim Vitorgan said that he began to intensively engage in sports. The artist does not spare himself. “The fifth of the seven circles of hell for 40 minutes… Two weeks of daily training. After I met the coach in theater performance artist, I realized that I’m not alive to go, and surrendered. Have to be beautiful and healthy. Yes, I’m a pushover,” said the actor.