Анна Калашникова готовит вечеринку на день рождения сына Today celebrity congratulates the child. Anna Kalashnikova was not to organize a lavish Banquet, and staged a house party. Fans rushed to congratulate the little Dan, who turned two years.

      Today Anna Kalashnikov celebrates the birthday of his son Dani. Exactly two years ago, on March 15, the baby was born. Anna tries to do everything to be the boy’s beautiful mother. She spoils him with toys and spends all his free time near with beloved heir.

      Today on the occasion of the birthday Tribute to Kalashnikov decided to organize a small home party. She ordered a birthday cake decorated with edible figurines of popular cartoon characters “Smeshariki”. The whole table was decorated in the style of the famous animated film. Apparently, Anna did not make a big party with a huge number of guests, and prepared a surprise for the boy’s home.

      Fans were quick to send their congratulations to baby Anna. They do not cease to admire that the celebrities perfectly possible to combine the role of mother with career of the singer and the designer. Despite the fact that Kalashnikova has a teenage son, she spares no effort to work, in order not to deny his heir. She delights the fans.

      “All great, all very nice! Modest, not modest – the kid’s only two years! My warmest wishes to the Child and of course mommy,” “Anya, congratulations on your son’s birthday! We wish you good health and happiness baby”, “cool and Modestly, without ostentation,” wrote a follower.

      Long time celebrity did not show his successor the General public. Only recently Anna Kalashnikov decided on a photo shoot with a young son specially for the readers of “StarHit”. In a candid interview, she told how her ex-fiancé Prokhor Chaliapin communicates with the boy, despite the fact that the program “Let them talk” after a DNA test proved that he is not the biological father of Dani. Anna Kalashnikova: “the Son called Prochorus dad”

      “For two years I did not dare to show my sweetie Danisco, protected him. I’m so glad both my important to me men are talking again! For me it is very touching and precious! Spoke frankly and shared their happiness with you!” said Anna to his followers.