Максим Фадеев поразил жену подарком на годовщину The famous producer said with his beloved 26 years of marriage. In the microblog Maxim Fadeev posted a picture where the wife could not restrain his emotions from the huge bouquet of red roses.

      15 Mar Maxim Fadeev celebrates happy date – anniversary with my wife. The man gave beloved more than a thousand colors. “Today we have Natasha 26 years of marriage! Here’s a bouquet of my favorite red roses,” he shared with followers “Instagram”.

      Apparently, for the beauty of such a gesture was a surprise. Fadeev depicted his wife sitting on the lap near the gift. The woman clasped his head in his hands and smiled in surprise.

      Fans of the couple immediately began to congratulate the lovers on their holiday. The followers noted that appreciate such long unions, and I think Chet Fadeev, one of the strongest in show business.

      “Live in joy and love! Live and love each other and be an example to us. Kiss!”, “You just supermooi! I sincerely congratulate! Happiness, love and reciprocity! It’s great when people are so purely love each other. But there were also difficult times, but love overcame all. I’m jealous. It is very difficult to keep feelings”, “Congratulations! I wish you great happiness! God forbid that you did your Golden wedding!”, “Congratulations! Let your life be as bright and fragrant as the roses! And how delivered? A crane or parachute?” – wrote in the review members.

      For anybody not a secret that a well-known producer trying to protect the family and very rarely publishes home footage. At the same time, sometimes the man talks about how he appreciates his family. Perhaps this is due to the betrayal of loved ones that once caused Fadeev pain.

      Maxim Fadeev told about the betrayal of the woman

      “I’ve had a few friends. I believed them, we grew up together, fell in love, played sports, fought for the authority and it seemed that and will be until the end of days. But…. Women, money, ambitions, the desire to be first has made adjustments to our relationship. And this is the first time I was betrayed by two. My woman and my closest friend. In one second I lost two. And most importantly, my open and sincere heart would never be the same. They showed me that all is not as in books. I’m sure many know how it hurt after the betrayal of loved ones. I have been sick for many years. And I never became still,” said Maxim in a microblog.