Звезда КВН спасает больную раком невесту Actor team “Parapaparam” Sergey Oborin reached out to fans calling for assistance. The young man frankly told about a very difficult period in my life. The woman showman courageously fighting a serious illness.

      Actor of KVN team “Parapaparam” Sergey Oborin told fans the sad news. Showman is trying to help a loved one – his sister Anna Baranovoj, which is prop comedians from “Pyatigorsk”. She is suffering from a serious illness. According to Sergei, she was diagnosed with cancer. I loved Baranovoj enough money to provide her with proper treatment.

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      Sergey admitted that it is very difficult to talk about the terrible diagnosis. The young man was frankly told that the disease developed rapidly. Despite this, Anna found the strength courageously to fight it. Oborin sincerely admires the tenacity of his lady.

      “I don’t know where to start… it is still hard not to write, but to think… But life is, alas. Three months ago my beloved bride, my daughter, found a fourth stage breast cancer. The disease developed very quickly, but in that terrible moment family and friends rallied and helped us. Over the months we’ve taken many hard tests: chemotherapy, radiation, drip… every day I see how strong she is, how hard is this fight. But now I want to ask for help from all who can and who wants to help. Treatment, unfortunately, is very expensive and we need funds to continue the course, which is vital,” shared the young man.

      Anna and Sergei were supported by colleagues and loved ones. They put the stations calling on the help of beloved Oborin on their pages in social networks. “Anya is a huge-hearted man. She will never pass by someone else’s misfortune, will always extend a helping hand. But now trouble has touched her the most… she already was very complicated and expensive course of treatment, but the case is complex, and it was not enough. It is necessary to continue treatment that requires big money. For Anya and her family is currently unavailable. We ask for help. Many of us, and in our power to get her back to normal happy life! Any contribution is a step to recovery Anya,” wrote the administrators microblog KVN.

      In addition, the publication of the artist repostnula actress Julia Topol’nitskiy. “Friends, I really want Anya defeated the disease” – with these words the girl turned to the fans.

      If you want to help Anna Baranovoj, you can either transfer the money to card of Sberbank No. 4279 3800 1141 9753