Vitas disappointed with the loss of voice

Витас разочарован потерей голоса The star’s performance carried over to the next month. The announcement appeared in the official group of the actor in the social network. According to the producer actor Sergey Pudovkin, Vitas is on the mend.

      Витас разочарован потерей голоса

      This month, the popular singer Vitas planned to visit the far Eastern Federal district and Primorsky Krai of Russia. Suddenly, however, a part of the performances were cancelled.

      In the official group of the singer in social networks appeared information that the show in three cities will be much later. “Due to the artist illness the concerts in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ussuriysk transferred by April 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience and see you soon,” – said in the message. “StarHit” contacted the producer of the singer to find out what happened to Vitas.

      “It’s nothing serious. Sorry, put bronchitis with suspected pneumonia. No voice,” said Sergey Pudovkin.

      As a rule, doctors do not recommend artists to perform when they are sick bronchi or lungs, as any concert in the diseased state it can cause serious problems with ligaments. Because Vitas is the owner of falsetto and takes the high notes in his compositions, he is dangerous to overwork himself, and is first to recover completely, and then give concerts.

      The army of fans of the artist every year only increases. After Vitas was struck by his talent the Chinese public, many other performers began to sing his compositions. In particular, social networks sparked the present dispute about the fact that the Kazakh artist Dimash Kudaibergenov made his famous composition “Opera no 2” on one of the competitions. Many fans of Vitas accused the young singer of plagiarism. The artist tried not to meddle in disputes, noting that he used to solve all issues in a peaceful way.

      “I want to say that I respect any creative endeavor, any creative person. Never thought it possible for her to apply to the judiciary or to engage in analysis, proceedings of someone else’s creativity, to interfere in the creative life and work of other artists. And never going to do that,” said the singer.