Звезду «Интернов» жестоко избили на улице
Alexander Lyapina was attacked by seven people.

Lyapin Alexander

It is reported that 30-year-old
Alexander Lyapin was seriously injured in the attack. During the examination the doctors discovered a concussion and a broken nose.

The incident occurred in
the center of Moscow near one of the night clubs. Together with Alexander was his
girl Polina Levashkevich, she was also injured in the fight. According to reports
witnesses, the star of the series “Interns” was severely beaten by seven attackers. On
that was the reason for the conflict between the actor and a group of strangers, is not yet known. The circumstances of the case will be set by the police. He Lyapin, the situation has not

Alexander joined
the shooting of the sitcom on the channel TNT in 2014. He played the role of Alexey Maltsev.
His colleagues on the set were Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Shidlovsky.
To prepare for the role of Intern the actor helped his native
a sister who works as a doctor. By the way, Lyapina first appearance on the screens was held
in the television series “the Yellow dragon”, and a year — in the film of Karen Shakhnazarov’s “the Vanished Empire”. By the way, his role in “Empire …” was recognized as the best debut at the festival “Constellation”. The actor also starred in the series “side of the moon” and the movie “Christmas Tree 1914”.

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