Valeria Lanskaya confessed feelings to a colleague in the theater

Валерия Ланская призналась в чувствах коллеге по театру
The actress wrote a touching message to mark the end of statements.

Валерия Ланская призналась в чувствах коллеге по театру

Valeriya Lanskaya

Came to the end theatrical season Valeria Lanskaya. The actress shared with fans his experiences on past performances and “Graf Orlov” and “Monte Cristo.” Partner Valerie on the stage in both performances was her colleague Igor Balalaev. It was him after performances in musicals touching
admitted feelings.

Valeriya Lanskaya and Igor Balalaev

Photo: @valerielanskaya Instagram Valeria Lanskaya

“I can not write, do not share your emotions… Play with this amazing artist for a special, incomparable pleasure and happiness! Such understanding… Support… When’s sentences feel, understand and pick up… When he does everything to make me feel good on stage takes me, and I try to do the same for him… it turns out the Duo. It turns out the energy! And therefore the stage, and the play! Low bow to you, my dear man!” — Lanskaya wrote in the microblog. The actress expressed her hope that in the future they still will not be a joint statement. Valeria thanked viewers for their support. By the way, recently it became known that soon she will appear in another musical, this time “Anna Karenina”, which will share the stage with Ekaterina Guseva.

Meanwhile, Lansky and her husband Stas Ivanov has a teenage son Artemy. In September, the boy will be a year. By the way, Valeria went back to his performances on the stage almost immediately after birth.

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