Династия Ирины Лачиной продолжилась
The daughter of a popular actress went in her footsteps.

Irina Lachin my daughter Mary


Irina Lachin admitted that her daughter Maria Budrina , received the diplomas of the Director of the Humanitarian Institute of television and radio editor at VGIK, to do the acting Department. “It’s not in the genes. Mary wants to be a Director. But to understand the actors, have the right to give advice, has consciously made such a decision, — said Irina. Although Mary has a great texture. I already called a criminal for not giving her up for the acting Department before. But Masha has always been very adult and very serious , so all decisions are always taken by himself”.

By the way, Maria appeared in films from the age of nine, but to become the artist never intended. And starring in the episode of the film by Nikolai Lebedev’s “the Crew”, I decided to try to learn to be an actress. “Ambitions to be an actress my daughter no. But I’m certain that my daughter would have made a fine actress. But, look, it’s coming.”

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