Star “Interns” lost five million rubles for the construction of house

Звезда «Интернов» потеряла пять миллионов рублей на стройке дома Actress Julia Nazarenko sues construction company who deceived her and hundreds of other people for a huge sum of money. The organization promised them to build a house in the suburbs, but have fulfilled their obligations only by 10%.

      Звезда «Интернов» потеряла пять миллионов рублей на стройке дома

      Actress Julia Nazarenko that fans of the series “Interns” know the role of the brisk the senior nurse of Rita Queen, told reporters that he plans to sue because of fraud on the part of construction companies. According to the data presented Nazarenko, and hundreds of other people who dreamed about houses in the suburbs, have deceived millions of roubles.

      The organization promised the actress and other participants of the construction the construction of low-rise residential buildings in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region, but for unclear reasons, the process of construction of new residential buildings stopped. On the site of the town called “German village” can now be seen only unsightly overgrown field and a small number of embedded foundations.

      Nazarenko claims that of the 500 houses that the company planned to build in the suburbs, sold 320, and work from the “Sabido-invest” is performed by only 10%. The actress admits that a very long time dreamed about building their own homes outside the city and saving up the required amount for down payment. Just Nazarenko has invested in a townhouse economy class, promised a dishonest Builder, more than five million rubles.

      In addition to Nazarenko, injured several hundred people. According to media reports, their number is equal to approximately 800 families. The company explains the failure to comply with obligations financial difficulties. The organization’s representatives also refused to comment not only on the participants of shared construction, but also officials.

      The actress assures that she did not have even thought of a trick. According to Nazarenko, all the company documents were in order. In addition, at the time of conclusion of the contract the developer has also worked on other projects of houses in the Moscow region.

      “We have dreamed about their own house, so long went to it. The construction company all documents were in order, and in different parts of the suburbs were built parallel to several objects. We even had no idea that the long-awaited housewarming party can not take place. In the near future we plan to apply to the court,” shared the actress

      38-year-old actress Julia Nazarenko starred in such series as “Kulagin and partners”, “Split”, “Cool guys” and “Bros 3″. The most famous graduate of GITIS has brought the role of nurse Rita in the project”Interns” TV channel TNT.

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