The presenter has shared a rare photo with your favorite

Лена Летучая поделилась редким фото с любимым The former host of “Revizorro” made a joint picture with her future husband. She also wished his fans happiness in your personal life. Fans of the star genuinely happy her imminent change of marital status.

      Лена Летучая поделилась редким фото с любимым

      Popular ex-presenter of the program “Revizorro” published in his Instagram a sweet photo together with the groom — businessman Yury Analogovym. At the moment Elena Letuchaya preparing for the wedding and resides in the seventh heaven from happiness. Still, after all this moment is special for every woman. “All love,” signed his publication the star.

      Subscribers Fly glad its harmony in the relationship with her lover. Considered by many to be worthy of leading his own happiness and Volatile together with Analogovym — a wonderful couple. Fans of Lena wished them every success in life together, and expressed hope for the return of TV stars in the project “Revizorro”. Fans of Fly commented on a selfie of the star in the following words: “Love you! Kindness and warmth”, “Len, you finally showed us his”, “He is beautiful”, “Helen, you’re the very best! Love you very much and we look forward to returning to the project”, “my God, how pretty”, “Cute”, “Beautiful”.

      Preparations for a speedy marriage now Flying in full swing. She has already chosen her wedding outfit. Famous leading can marry with her lover in a dress like Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and the shoes will Fly just like another famous blonde — Carrie Bradshaw, which is brilliantly played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the cult series many girls “Sex in the city”. The wedding, according to journalists, will take place in the summer, and the engagement of the Fly and Anashenkov happened in the most romantic day of the year — February 14.

      After the public learned about the impending change in marital status has long been a media personality began to blame that she, say, stole the man of the family. After all, Yuri Anashenkov recently divorced, he has children. But Lena assured reporters and fans that began to meet Yuri after he broke up with his previous fiancee. Many say that Flying and her significant other are very similar to each other. Next to Yuri, she says, she feels loved and at the same time defenseless.

      Children of the businessman managed to make friends with a TV star, and she noted that he respects Anashenkov for his preference. In addition, Volatile in his interview admitted that she would not mind to have offspring. Now Lena feels ready to procreate.

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