Звездные праздники: Кудрявцева и Малкин воссоединились с родными Celebrities love New year because for many of them is a great reason to gather a big family, cook delicious food and create magical atmosphere at home. Kudryavtseva, Grachevskaya and Meskova told how he spent the eve of the holiday.
Звездные праздники: Кудрявцева и Малкин воссоединились с родными

Celebrities celebrated the New year. Lera Kudryavtseva, Evgeni Malkin, Anna Grachevskaya and others said, plan to spend the holidays, and also showed a decorated Christmas tree.

Many celebrities are traditions, without which no cost, no feast. Star shared with “StarHit”, what will you do on vacation.

Lera Kudryavtseva

For the popular blonde’s New year is an occasion not only to hold major social events, but also to gather the whole family. 2018 telediva met in Moscow, though, and put up a Christmas tree in his apartment. For decoration novogodnego wood Lera chose colored balls, original figures and large butterflies.

“Met the New year with a big family. Gathered in a country house – there is a special atmosphere. Traditionally cooked Olivier, launched fireworks, make a wish under the chiming clock. Two days before the New year ran into rush – bought all the gifts,” – said the “StarHit” Kudryavtseva.

Anastasia Meskova

The star of the series “Sweet life” together with his family spends the holiday at home. The actress is always asking loved ones to dress up, to create a sense of magic. Prima of the Bolshoi theatre celebrated the New year with a traditional Russian salad, champagne and tangerines.

A special joy Anastasia brings a Christmas tree ornament. “I just love her dress – it’s one of my most favorite things to do. Toys I order from all over the world, and all year round: glass, felt, wood. Then a long wait when it’s their time. Since I buy them in large quantities, we obviously need a bigger tree. By the way, many hand made. A couple of years ago the eldest son – John – was also fond of doing this. There are toys and our Foundation “Life as miracle” of fairy, the Nutcracker. It’s the perfect excuse to leave a memory and to make investment in a good deed. Oh, and of course Soviet flea markets – where without them”, – said Meskova.

Evgeni Malkin

Звездные праздники: Кудрявцева и Малкин воссоединились с родными

Famous hockey player admitted to “StarHit” that she takes special care to celebrate the New year and tries to spend this time with family. Due to the tight schedule and constant training a man can not give the beloved as much time as I wanted to. That is why they have a family tradition to decorate the tree all together.

“This time we have prepared two Christmas trees. First – fluffy, balls and garlands is in our backyard. And the second – the main one was that house. We decorated them very responsibly. This is especially a lesson, like son. Those moments when you’re together with family and decorating the Christmas tree, very valuable,” said Malkin.

Anna Grachevskaya

Presenter is suitable for decorating a Christmas tree creative. In addition to the standard toys, beads and stars, the brunette ordered a exclusive globe. It has a picture which depicts the people closest to Anna in her wedding. Grachevskaya admitted: although the tree is small, necessarily attracts to the creative process of children.

Звездные праздники: Кудрявцева и Малкин воссоединились с родными“Decorate with the whole family, try to make it bright. But accept only artificial Christmas trees – I against live! Every time we hang the symbol of the year – this time we, of course, the dog. It’s great that survived the toys of my childhood – they always use. After this, the children write letters to Santa Claus. This year, a daughter Vasilisa, who is only five years old, first wrote it herself – it is for me, the main gift!” – happy celebrity.

Daria Kanawha

The winner of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” made the most courageous Gelayev new year’s eve. Under the chiming clock the girl closes her eyes and pronounces personal goals. The businesswoman chose gifts for friends and family to please everyone who was with her throughout the year.

“The holiday passed in a circle of relatives. Be prepared for new year’s eve: thought to the way and also wrote a list of goals for the coming year were summed up. I set the table, even developed a special menu”, – told the “StarHit” Kanawha.

Nadezhda Ermakova

The star of “House-2”, however, decided to change the familiar surroundings and the traditional celebration on a three-day trip. Together with her lover, the blonde visited the hometown – eagle. The pair marked the beginning of 2018 in a five star hotel. According to Hope, due to the tight schedule fancy dress and gifts she bought on the last day.

“I decided to show the young man the city in which I grew up, so took him home. Don’t like to cook at home, then wash dishes and try to put it in the fridge after holiday, had enough of this kind of childhood and adolescence. So we decided to relax at the hotel, lie in the SPA” – said Ermakova.