Дмитрий Нагиев влез в долги ради покупки шикарного дома The presenter showed a country mansion. Dmitriy Nagiev admitted that he did not have enough money to buy the property. That is why the man had to arrange installments for ten years.
Дмитрий Нагиев влез в долги ради покупки шикарного дома

Dmitriy Nagiev is considered one of the most popular show in Russia. Besides, he can play in film and theatre. Fans believe that the man just awash in money, but he denies fantastic earnings.

In the documentary film, “Nagiyev — it’s my job” TV presenter admitted that could not buy their suburban dream house. According to men, the price of property was very heavy.

“I immediately liked the house, but I didn’t have that kind of money to immediately buy it. I don’t earn that much. But I was lucky. It turned out that the owner of the house is a fan of ensign Zadoff. He, of course, I learned and made installments for ten years. Now pay,” said the man.
Дмитрий Нагиев влез в долги ради покупки шикарного дома

In his huge mansion with several floors Dmitry appears infrequently. Now the man is incredibly popular in the profession, so he tours a lot and almost all his time on the set. Naghiyev did not let the film crew inside the house, but showed great priusadebnoe territory, strewn with flowers. According to star, but here he can truly relax and unwind.

Many fans of TV presenter assured that his professional activity is solely due to the mercantilism. Dmitry himself refutes such hypotheses. According to the artist, he is working for the sake of art.

“When a creative person starts to work only for the money, he disappears, starts a career collapse. The artist must work for the audience. For one, two people, million. That’s why I from all forces of their modest puffed to seem different, to be interesting,” said Nagiyev.

From permanent employment to Dmitry you have to sacrifice time with friends and family. So, the son of a TV presenter Cyril has long been accustomed to the constant shooting of his father. Young man for many years trying to go with the parent to leave, but he refuses, citing work.

Nagiev happy to talk about future plans and upcoming projects, but about his personal life prefers not to extend. According to the presenter, it happens in the novels, but his women have the wisdom not to tell others about it.

“My women bathe in the attention, and therefore they have the wisdom not to dwell on the relationship. Believe me, I had known my beloved, self-sufficient, who have achieved great heights in profession. That is why they always had to its popularity,” – said Nagiyev.

Now broadcaster active in films and television programs leads. He doesn’t intend to slow down, because feeling competition from the younger generation. However, fans of Dmitry confident that now he simply has no rivals in the fight for the hearts of the audience.