Five-year-old son of a famous Tajik singer died from cancer on new year’s night

Пятилетний сын известной таджикской певицы умер от онкологии в новогоднюю ночь Dilnoza Karimova spoke about the tragedy in the social network. Her baby died in India after a long struggle with the disease. The boy could not stand the chemotherapy.
Пятилетний сын известной таджикской певицы умер от онкологии в новогоднюю ночь

Tajik singer Dilnoza Karimova was faced with a real tragedy on the eve of the New year. Five-year-old actress Verbeck was treated in India, but due to the intense chemotherapy, the boy’s condition started to deteriorate rapidly. The boy was not late in the evening of December 31. This was announced by the artist herself on the page in a social network.

“My son died in India at 20:15. Ask God to give me patience and strength. Take care of their children. Remember that the most important thing,” wrote a young woman, showing several photos with the boy.
Пятилетний сын известной таджикской певицы умер от онкологии в новогоднюю ночь

Verbeke was diagnosed with lymphoma last stage. This was announced a few months ago, and then the singer began to collect funds for treatment of the child. My son Karimova was a chance for recovery, but this required expensive medication and the help of the best doctors in the world.

As a result, a cry for help Dilnoza responded to many cultural figures of Tajikistan. Also for 2018 it was planned several charity concerts in the capital, Dushanbe.

She Karimov at the time refused to career, to spend all the time with the child. First of Darbuka treated in Kyrgyzstan, but local doctors could not help the boy. That is why the singer, along with the heir went to India. In one of the best clinics in the country, the child began to undergo chemotherapy, but his health began to deteriorate.

Parents Darbuka to the last hoped for recovery. His body has not coped with the treatment. Karimov was quick to inform fans that the money collected will be donated to charity. The artist wants these funds have helped others, just could not save her baby.

Fans rushed to support the grieving mother and wished her mental strength. “The death of a child is always a grief. Hold on, God will give you happiness” “never heard songs Dilnoza, but really feel sorry for her. Such grief for the New year, now the festival will always be associated with tragedy”, “Cancer does not spare anyone, but to give up is not worth it. Sooner or later, and from this trouble will have found a cure,” wrote fans Karimova.

Now the actress often posts pictures of five-year old son, and wrote poems dedicated to him. Fans Dilnaz I hope she is strong enough to cope with the tragedy and return to active creative work.