Star Devchonok” Anastasia Denisova married

Звезда «Деффчонок» Анастасия Денисова вышла замуж
The actress and her fiancé Bogdan were married in birthday Nastia.

Звезда «Деффчонок» Анастасия Денисова вышла замуж

Anastasia Denisova and Bogdan Osyka (photo — the wedding planner Anna Goroga)

Anastasia Denisova, which in the last few months actively preparing for the most important day in your life, today married. The chosen star “Devchonok”
was the cameraman Bogdan Osyka. “I’m incredibly happy — shared with happy bride. — Because today is not only my wedding day but my
birthday. And the birthday of my mom too! At the time she made the gift
myself for a 25 year anniversary, giving birth to a daughter. And now I made a gift his and hers,
coming on this day to get married!”

The painting took place in khoroshevskiy the registry office of Moscow. The bride and
the bride did not insist on the Banquet hall, and exchanged rings in a cozy
office. After painting Nastya and Bogdan will go for a traditional wedding
a walk around Moscow, and then celebrate the happy event in a stylish restaurant
in the centre of the capital.

Initially Bogdan and Nastia just wanted to register in the registry office, arrange a quiet
family dinner, and the next day to go on a honeymoon.
However, the circumstances were such that the trip had to be postponed.

“Three weeks before the wedding, we still decided to walk her
called, in a big way, ” smiled Anastasia. And then I realized that
I absolutely-absolutely nothing ready! No dress, no rings, not a restaurant
selected. In addition, the groom went to all the may holidays at work…”

Fortunately, the bride found a friend who introduced her to
the owner of a wedding Agency Anna Goroga, which has already organised a
wedding for celebrities. “And things started to happen, — says Nastya. —
Together with the Agency, Ani, Sudberry” we found a cosy restaurant —
what he wanted, picked the rings and decided on the dress.

Wedding rings. Moscow jewellery factory

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Wedding dress
it was very difficult to choose, I tried on an incredible number of options! Wanted
so the wedding dress was unconventional, with a twist.”We will remind, Bogdan
Nastya meets for about two years. She met her love on the set
project “Girl middle-aged”. The operator fell in love with a cheerful and cute Nastya,
and soon the service relationship developed into a romantic one. Since then, Bogdan and
Nastya inseparable. The young man was for her not only a friend but also the father of her
children: son Yury and his brother Andrew, whom she adopted last summer.

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