Christina Aguilera is afraid that the son will bring her a heart attack

Кристина Агилера боится, что сын доведет ее до сердечного приступа
The older the child star appeared dangerous hobby.

Кристина Агилера боится, что сын доведет ее до сердечного приступа

Christina Aguilera with son

Photo: Splash News/East news

During his recent appearance on
TV show Ellen DeGeneres Christina Aguilera half-jokingly-half-seriously complained
son. The fact is that with the recent
time 8-year-old Max, whom the singer gave birth to her from his ex-wife Jordan
Bratman, carried away a very dangerous sport.

“Recently Max decided to do parkour.
Of course, you know — it’s when people do all sorts of crazy things: run across rooftops, clamber on vertical
walls… — said Kristina. — Here and my son does all
this. He is like a little acrobat. I think when Max grows up, it becomes
circus artist and will be performing in Cirque du Solei or some other similar place. And though my son
started training relatively recently, he has started learning to jump from
one building to another. I’m terribly afraid to look at his workout, I
it seems that one day he’ll give me a heart attack!”

Fortunately, risky son is
the only source of stress in her life, which goes
quite well. In Aguilera’s career
everything is fine — recently it adopted the role of a member of the referee team in
the American version of the TV show “the Voice”, which is considered a very honorable appointment.
And in her personal life all too well: she lives with her boyfriend,
musician Matthew Ratner, with whom she had a daughter, summer, was born in August
last year. And although Aguilera says that she and Matthew love each
friend, married Rattner, as admitted Kristina, she is not going.

Christina Aguilera with her daughter and Matthew Ratner

Photo: Splash News/East news

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