Звезды Comedy Woman могут остаться без работы The group’s leader Natalya Aprikian announced filming on the dissolution of the team. The participant of comic show said that the program needs a new face, so in the near future will be announced the casting.

      Звезды Comedy Woman могут остаться без работы

      On the set of one of the editions of the program the producer of Comedy Woman show, Natalya, Aprikian reported that dissolve the old structure of the project and announced the start of casting for the role of new member transmission. According to the producer of a humorous program, it needs young talents who will be able to set the stage on fire Comedy Woman.

      Statement of Natalia sounded at the end of filming in a joking manner, so it is difficult to understand whether the project is closed. “StarHit” contacted one of residental program Hope Angarsk, which commented on the situation.

      “The girls on tour. Everything is fine with us. While working,” said the actress.

      Nadezhda Sysoeva, known in the show as Nadia, also denied the words Andreevny. “That’s not true, don’t believe it,” – said the participant of the project.

      By the way, that today will be the concert Comedy Woman in London. Participating in the project will present the program “10 years heels”. Social network users look forward to their performances in other cities and countries.

      Women’s show, which has been several seasons involved Yekaterina Varnava, Maria Kravchenko, Tatyana Morozova, Ekaterina Skulkina, Nadezhda Sysoeva Natalia Medvedeva exists for almost ten years, and the audience watching TNT broadcasts since 2008. Actress never ceases to delight the audience with sparkling parodies and bright rooms.

      The Creator of the project Natalya has argued that a show needs constant change. Therefore, every year the audience can see new talents who join the women’s team. Comedy Woman there for 10 years. And I’m glad we are constantly developing and expanding. But always remain relevant. In the new season and more changes, surprises, and maybe even new people. Nice to know that Comedy Woman today, probably the best Comedy show in our country. And the best it because the female,” said the producer before the start of the eighth season.