Знакомая Линдси Лохан воспользовалась скандалом с сыном русского олигарха The girl did not miss a chance to promote your name on someone else’s misfortune. Aspiring designer Daria Posevkina to tell the world about themselves in the context of a fierce fight between Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan and her ex-boyfriend Egor Tarasovym.

      Знакомая Линдси Лохан воспользовалась скандалом с сыном русского олигарха

      Revelations Lindsay Lohan in the program “Let speak” with Andrey Malakhov has horrified the country this week. The Hollywood actress admitted that her Russian boyfriend Yegor Tarabanov constantly beat her. In addition, the son of the oligarch does not provide a British friend, wrote about this media. In contrast, the 23-year-old young man often had no money, so she had much to pay itself.

      Lindsay Lohan live at Andrey Malakhov

      But the real scandal in relations Tarabarova and Lohan erupted when the actress suspected her boyfriend of treason. According to her, the son of the Russian oligarch was fascinated by their common friend Daria Posevkina. Lindsay has publicly insulted in social networks a girl who was once her friend.

      It is worth mentioning that Daria did not lose in this situation. In conversation with reporters, she not only commented on the gap between Lohan and Tarasovym, but, as if by accident, spoke in detail about their activities. Posevkina without hesitation began to spin itself, taking advantage of an opportune moment.

      Знакомая Линдси Лохан воспользовалась скандалом с сыном русского олигарха“I was not the cause of their separation. With Lindsay, I haven’t spoken to in a month before their fights on the balcony. I met Greg the next day after what happened, and do not know what has happened to them. I’m still good friends with Greg, Lindsay and I have since not seen. I don’t have the time nor energy. Now I have a lot of work to fashion Week. Last week I had a show in London. I want to be known not as the Dasha, which once called Lindsay Lohan, but as a designer who works from morning till night, and played their first show in London and made an impression on the fashion press,” she said.

      Interestingly, Daria came to the defense of Tarabarova. She called the young man a kind and generous friend. It is possible that now she continues to communicate with Egor. As for his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, it Pashovkina and not want to think.

      “I’m not mad at her any more, but a friend to call her no longer. To see it, I do not desire to not trust her,” said Daria portal “Peopletlak”.