Бывшая возлюбленная Джима Керри могла покончить с собой из венерических заболеваний

The suicide of a former lover of Jim Carrey Katrina white surprised many. The actor himself was very upset by this tragedy, but today he has to fight with more unpleasant emotions. Ex-husband of a girl mark Burton said that her death has a direct bearing on it Jim. Supposedly he supplied Catriona different drugs, only that it did not apply to the subject of his health.

It turned out that shortly before his death white had passed the examination at the clinic showed her a number of diseases. Because of this, Catriona, the correspondence already with ex-husband Burton, called himself “damaged goods”.

The documents that were in the hands of TMZ reporters talking about the fact that white was discovered STDs (herpes 1 and type 2, and gonorrhea.

Catriona in SMS-correspondence hastened to inform Kerry, but he instead to comfort her, asked her never to tell.

Here is how the situation with his accusation of involvement in the death of Catriona commented on Jim: “What a shame! I could easily send to the court my lawyer, who would be so done with these stupid charges, but there are times in life when you have to stand up and defend their honor. I will not tolerate the fact that some heartless want to use me or the woman I loved. Problem cat began long before we met, and her tragic end, unfortunately, no one could control. I sincerely hope that people will stop trying to capitalize on it and allow her soul to rest in peace”, Kerry said.