Звезда «Не родись красивой» беременна 36-year-old actress is preparing for the second time become a mother. In the family of Nelly Uvarova and Alexander Grishin soon to be born baby. The star appeared in public, not hiding an interesting position.

      36-year-old actress Nelly Uvarova, who became popular through the TV series “Not born beautiful”, is expecting her second child. The actress appeared in a voluminous yellow dress at the gathering of the troupe at the Russian academic youth theater. Colleagues congratulate the star with the upcoming addition to the family.

      According to the poster for the upcoming performances, Nellie has already decided to leave in the decree. Her name does not appear in the autumn programme of theatre. However, the star can be seen in the TV series “Adaptation”, which also starred Evgenia Brik and Yury Stoyanov.

      In early pregnancy Uvarov continued to go on tour. However, after an accident that happened to her in Salekhard – the actress fell off the stage – she became more attentive to their health. Then the whole troupe was seriously scared, so she called an ambulance.

      Started a new 96-th theatrical season in Ramtha. Today was a cast. Hooray, congratulations. Waiting for new performances. #Ramtha #albutein #decimarum

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      Nelli Uvarova married to actor Alexander Grishin. The couple formalized the relationship in 2011, and later the couple had a daughter Iya. The husband and wife are happy together and preparing for the birth of the second child. The sex of a baby, the pair said. Uvarov rarely shares details of his personal life. When my daughter S was four years old, the actress first told reporters about the heiress.

      “The important stages of her life, Sasha is still not skip. And Sasha use to the max any break, be it morning or evening or even night, we try to be together with Oia, come up with some joint sessions. We went with the whole family on a multimedia exhibition at Artplay, there are the Impressionists. The important thing is that we are together. Oia is a public figure, she likes to be where a lot of people, like to meet them, to communicate” – shared in an interview with the star “be Not born beautiful”.

      According to Nellie, she attended one of the performances with the participation of the parents. Iya watched “the Snow Queen”, in which her famous mother first played a Raven, and then one of the thieves. However, the successor did not appreciate the role of Uvarova in the way of birds. The girl was frightened and began to cry. Iya ran up on stage and asked my mother not to speak in that voice.