Певица МакSим чуть не потеряла дочь The actress spoke about their experiences after the birth of a child. Maksim has two heiresses, Sasha and Masha. According to star, girls get along well with each other. The singer recalled how her first daughter barely survived.

      Певица МакSим чуть не потеряла дочь

      The singer Maxim and has two charming daughters: Sasha and Masha. The actress became a mother for the second time in 2014. The star has admitted that easily moved the second pregnancy. However, when Maksim was waiting for the eldest daughter, Sasha, did she know that she will. I was in labor for 18 hours and were very anxious.

      “To say that they were complex – not to say anything. But ahead of me was waiting for the real horror: Sasha breathed. She was brought to his senses, the panic was terrible, my doctors have joined doctors from other departments, all ran, fussed, and I tried something to stop and explain things, shouted: “Say that to my baby?!” Thank God, all has managed”, – said Maksim.

      The actress says that such problems during the birth of Masha’s was not. The eldest daughter gets on well with the baby. Sasha loves his little sister. She first saw the baby, and immediately, according to Maksim, the girl swore eternal love.

      “Mary from the beginning was just a gift option child. I have such cool kids have never seen, honestly. She is from the early days and caused me and everyone around you solid delight. Directly plug the camera and shoot 24 hours a day – provided a good mood to all viewers,” said Mack.

      According to the singer, the youngest daughter of this lady: she is always very careful and tries not to get dirty when eating. After the birth of heir to Maksim was in no hurry to get back to work. The woman promised myself to go on stage, when you stop to feed the girl. However, it turned out completely different.

      “Almost immediately after the birth of my daughter, I started to work on a video for the song “goldfish”. I played a ballerina, and I had to take lessons of choreography – three hours standing at a machine, doing the strut and bridges”, – admitted the singer in an interview with “TV Program”.

      Mack tries to pamper their heirs. A few months ago she threw a party for Sasha. For my seventh birthday, the girl was presented a cake with the fairies, children were entertained by fairy tale characters, dancers, circus poodles, and on top of the guests of the evening was filled with colorful confetti. Philip arranged a birthday party for the daughter of the singer Maksim