Станислав Садальский рассказал о семейной драме Тамары Миансаровой The actor remembered about the last months of the life of Soviet singer. Tamara Grigorievna did not on Wednesday evening. Well-known actress died from the effects of pneumonia. According to Sadalsky, the last few years her health failed.
Станислав Садальский рассказал о семейной драме Тамары Миансаровой
Станислав Садальский рассказал о семейной драме Тамары Миансаровой

Eve did not Tamara Miansarova. Soviet singer died late in the evening of July 12 in the First city hospital. Civil husband of the actress said that a few days ago she was taken to a medical facility with pneumonia. Many colleagues and friends Miansarovoj my condolences go out to her family.

Last years Tamara G. was bedridden. About four years ago she broke her hip and could no longer walk. Mark Feldman, the civil husband of the actress, told how hard it was for celebrities. Stanislav Sadalsky, who knew the family of the singer, claims that her husband has rejected medical help, which was offered Miansarovoj after millions of viewers learned about the problems of the Soviet stars from the program “live”.

Tamara Miansarova, sang the hit “Black cat”: poverty, illness and betrayal of the son

Sadalsky told that Professor Pokrovsky, and head of Skoda from the 67th hospital was ready to take Tamara G., to provide the best house and make a complicated operation.

“No!” – said Tamarin husband mark, we only need the money to pay a baby-sitter, now need drugs!” It has fully privatized the right to communicate with Tamara sitting next to him as Cerberus, who would not let anyone. And I understand it, despite the fact that they lived with Tamara about forty years old, and she loved him painted, he is a citizen of another country, the apartment has no rights. If care took on other men, he was forced to leave in Vinnitsa” – said Sadalsky on the personal page in a social network.

By the way, in conversation with journalists mark Feldman stressed that until now could not believe that the death of his wife. In an interview with “StarHit” the husband of the singer told about the dire money situation in their family. Husband of Tamara Miansarova: “Sadalsky – creep”

“We exist to retire. I have 11 thousand rubles as a citizen of Ukraine, although it was the 38th year of living in Russia, my wife is 25. A huge thank you to the charity Fund “Artist” who found us a babysitter and pays her monthly. We ourselves would not be pulled, because our care is partly the 45-year-old daughter Katya. The fate of her heavy – neither wife nor children. Many years ago Kate was hit by a car, she has damaged the pelvis. She has problems with her legs, but the disability was not given. Can not work, her husband was killed in the fight,” Feldman shared.

Singer Tamara Miansarova remember the Soviet Russian listeners for hits “the Black cat”, “Let there always be sunshine”, “ginger”, “Let’s never quarrel,” “top-Top” and “Golden Key”.